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Day Care Service


We opened our first day care center in September 2021 to nurture a generation and to give opportunity for vulnerable single mothers to leave their children with us so as to find work. It is almost impossible to find job for woman who carry her child with her in Ethiopia. Our center gives an opportunity for these single mothers to leave their babies and children with us at our center from 7 AM to 5 PM so that they can be hired and /or start their own business during the daytime. Before joining into our project, neither these mothers have a place to leave their children to go out to work nor the money to put them into daycare. The center provides daycare service 6 days a week to the mothers who are registered in the project. The center is for babies and children who are not school aged. We also use the compound of our center to gather the children who are school aged during weekend to teach them ethical & moral education, to let them play, watch TV, and eat with their friends. The day care have nannies, cooks, volunteer teachers and janitors. Children will be fed three times a day on their stay at the center before they leave to their homes. The children have access to watch TV, read stories, tales, play with toys and their peers. They have place where they can sleep during their stay at the center. They will be taught to Love others, respect their elderly & one another, share games & the things they may have on their hand, learn to LOVE GOD and be thankful in their life. They will be taught to Love their family , mother and Country. The day care serves only for children who are under 3 and half years old.

Day Care Service


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