About Us 

I Care Ethiopia charity organization is local charity organization based in Ethiopia which was started by a former sponsored child being as a volunteer to bring positive impact in the society he grew up along other volunteers in 2016 and grew its impact and involvement in the work of helping vulnerable people particularly children and women until it gets registered as charity in 2019.

ICE is currently working to help vulnerable women and Children particularly single mothers who are struggling to survive by begging on different streets being with their children and doing informal work.

ICE is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization which is committed to improve the livelihood of the most impoverished women and children in big cities and towns through our different programs.

ICE is an organization which is based in the Holy Bible teaching and principles to love our neighbors and to care for the poor. It is a sponsorship program where anyone who cares about this people can sponsor one and have personal relation with the family.

ICE works to break the cycle of poverty by providing basic needs and by empowering families to be self-sufficient & independent. Our beneficiaries are mainly single mothers and children whose livelihood are based on street begging.

Vision statement:

To no longer see a women beg and/or live on a street with her child for survival and to see people caring and standing firm to help the neediest one in the community.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to lighten Hope and preach Joy in the lives of women and children who are part of our program and break the cycle of poverty by providing their basic needs and empowering mothers to be self-sufficient & independent.

Our Objectives

Our objective is help these children who were out of school by enrolling them into a school and support them become successful in their education, protect their wellbeing and to improve the livelihood of the beneficiaries family through our different programs and activities.

To alleviate single mothers and their children out of poverty and derivation through different psychosocial and skill trainings, prayer, different holistic support including Income Generating activities with financial aid.

 To transform the lives of single mothers who were out on the street with their children for survival and make them independent , hardworking, confident, well behaved and good citizens and most important good mother for their children.

Our Activities

  • Health screening and health related education
  • Psychosocial trainings
  • Ethical / moral education and prayers
  • Sunday school class
  • Organizing different clubs
  • Tutorial support
  • Skill trainings
  • Home visits
  • Coffee ceremony
  • Fun time
  • Holiday parties
  • Day Care
  • Award services for best performers
  • Distributions of different items
  • Mentoring and counselling service
  • Discussion time
  • Experience Sharing