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Daycare service in Adama Project

We started our daycare service in Adama Project to be able to create an opportunities for their mothers who previously were begging on the street for survival because they were not able to find a job or couldn't start their own due to their babies and toddlers that they have to carry everyday. Our day care program aims to provide an opportunity for these mothers to look for a job to be hired to make a living by leaving their children with us and even start their own during the day time. We are providing three hot meals for their children at our center until 5:30PM six days a week. It is not easy for a single mother with a baby or toddler to get a job. We teach and nurture their children with Love and good care. They play, learn, eat and have nap at our center during the day. We thank our partners and sponsors for enabling us provide these crucial support to these vulnerable children and women. If it wasn't for these program, these children would have been on the street the whole day begging with their children.

2024-01-19 08:38:30

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