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Sponsorship Program


Do you know that you can support the entire family by sponsoring a child? I Care Ethiopia charity brought an opportunity for you to become a blessing to the most vulnerable families in Ethiopia only by sponsoring a child from the same family. These families that you would bring positive impact in their life are the ones who are being forced to beg on the street for survival. The families are led by single mothers who have lost there husbands or who were abandoned by their husband when they get pregnant or who were never married but ended up having a child. By sponsoring a child you would benefit the whole family. In the sponsorship program, the sponsor would get the details of a particular family he/she chose to sponsor. Sponsors can select any child from our unsponsored children list. Sponsors can select their child/children by their birthday, grade, or sex. The sponsor would get a hand written letter at least once a year from the family he/she supports and gets annual update. The sponsor can have personal visit to the family he/she supports in Ethiopia. The sponsor can pray, encourage and send gifts to the child/ family. We advise sponsors to write letter at least once a year to the family he/she supports with picture in it. We have half and full Sponsorship fee is $ 68 and $102/month respectively. ICE will help a mother get a better livelihood than begging on a street through our empowerment program. Your sponsorship money would provide monthly food support/groceries, hygiene keeping supplies, medical support, clothes, school related expenses and supplies, counselling and prayer support, day care service, life skill trainings, and empowerment that would be given for 24 to 30 months. For who do not want to sponsor a specific child, donation is also available.

Sponsorship Program


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